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I'm about to try yousendit...

what I'm wondering is, why do they offer this service? what's the catch? how do they make revenue...???


SendThisFile offers free accounts. No limit on file size or the number of files that can be sent. Drop on by and take a look!

junior is a new service similiar to yousendit but there is a 100 download limit and the recipient cannot remove the file from the server like yousendit

Big Jim

But Sendthisfile only allows 3 downloads of the file.


I need a site that offers file transfer as large as YouSendIt but doesn't have the "delete the file" option like YouSendIt. The problem with the "delete the file" option is that other people (trolls for example) who don't care about the file go in and delete it and after spending so much time uploading a large file, it's so discouraging to have someone delete the link just seconds after it's done.

something GeeKy -- new, registration required, free, long download queue, user file removal -- 30 meg per file upload limit, unlimited downloads, daily xfer transfer cap by IP, file deleted after 30days inactivity, user file removal


Some ISP have blacklisted YouSendIt...


Check these guys out very good indeed.


I got a link too. Looks like they have most beautiful and easy website. Free.


I have been using YouSendIt but lately it is throwing up masses of popup ads that look suspiciously like they would harbor malware. Anyone know what is going on there? Click through ads I can handle, but popups are bad news. And they are getting past my Firefox popup blocker too!


A simple & clean one without popup:, it seems has no limit on the download, no delete link.
But it seems need you to do the copy and paste for a long secret link.


There's also FilesDirect, which is free for 14 days, and then ranges from $18 per month for 250MB transfer to $500 for 50GB.
Expensive compared to the alternatives.


goMyPlace does the job featuring
- unlimited data retention
- remote access software- open source code base
- completely free, no ads, open source
- does not require JS in the browser
- works fine with text only browsers like Lynx

Andy Le

It's pretty fast and free. You can send up to 250 MB.


have a look at

unlimited file size,
pay per use pricing,
password protected file,
file management functionalities


sendshack is my favorite, up to 1gb and 100% free - Send large files free


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